3 Marla residential plots are available for sale at unbeatable prices if you want to own a property that perfectly fits your budget. In that case, Iqbal Garden offered affordable schemes for the ideal starting point.

3 Marla plots length and width in feet in Iqbal Garden

 Iqbal Garden provides 3 Marla plots with 19 feet width and 35 feet Length. 

3 Marla plot price in Iqbal Garden Lahore

3 Marla plot price in Lahore is different by Area. Some housing Societies have very high rates, and some are low-cost and affordable.

3 Marla plots on installments in Iqbal Garden

3 Marla Plots on installment in the Lahore  payment plan

Two Years Payment Plans (24 months)

🔷The total price is 1,500,000.

🔷The Down Payment is 520,000.

🔷Instalment per Month is 15,000.

🔷Installment quarterly(8) 50,000.

🔷Payment for allocation of 110,000.

🔷Possession Payment of 110,000

2 years payment plan Iqbal Garden
2 years payment plan Iqbal Garden

Four Years Payment Methods (48 months)

🔷The total amount of 3 Marla plots is Rs 1,095,000.

🔷The amount to be booked is Rs 200,000.

🔷Pay monthly (48 months) installments; they are available at 7,500 rupees.

🔷Six monthly installments amounting to Rs.45,000

🔷The Payment for balloting will be Rs 75,000

🔷The Possession Payment also includes 100,000

4 years payment plan Iqbal Garden
4 years payment plan Iqbal Garden

5 Years Payment Plan (60 months)

🔷3 Marla plots’ total price is 1,260,000.

🔷The down amount is 200,000.

🔷 The amount for the balloting will be Rs 225,000

🔷Six-month installments are available at Rs. 35,000

🔷Every Month installments of 8000.

Iqbal Garden 5 years payment plan
Iqbal Garden 5 year payment plan

Facilities available in 3 Marla Residential Plots

  • Gated community with security. This is a must-have for many people, providing security and peace of mind.
  • Wide roads. This allows for easy access and movement around the housing scheme.
  • Green spaces. This includes parks, playgrounds, and gardens, which provide a place for residents to relax and enjoy the outdoors.
  • Water supply and drainage. This is essential for a healthy and comfortable living environment.
  • Electricity. This is another essential utility that should be available 24/7.
  • Sewerage system. This is important for the disposal of waste and sewage.
  • Streetlights. This ensures the housing scheme is well-lit at night, essential for safety.
  • Commercial areas. This includes shops, restaurants, and other businesses, which makes it convenient for residents to buy their daily necessities.
  • Educational institutions. This includes schools and colleges, essential for educating children and young adults.
  • Healthcare facilities. This includes hospitals and clinics, which are essential for the health and well-being of residents.
  • Community center. This is a place where residents can come together for social activities and events.

In addition to these basic facilities, some housing schemes may offer other amenities, such as swimming pools, gyms, and sports facilities. The specific amenities available will depend on the developer and the budget of the housing scheme.

When choosing a 3-Marla plot, it is essential to consider the available facilities. This will help you ensure that you select a property that meets your needs and requirements.

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