Shahdara to Kala Shah Kaku Metro Bus has brought numerous advantages for the residents of Iqbal Garden. This modern and efficient public transportation system has significantly improved the residents’ daily lives, offering a host of benefits that enhance their overall living experience.

Metro Bus extension project from Shahdara to Kala Shah Kaku Lahore

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif inaugurated the expansion of the Metro Bus extension project from Shahdara to Kala Shah Kaku (Green Line Metro Bus Service) in Lahore. This monumental occasion marks a significant improvement in the efficiency of public transport and a commitment to environmental sustainability.

Matero Bus Project construction cost

The government allocated a substantial Rs11.73 billion to fund the construction of a 12.5-kilometre stretch that is now part of the Metro Bus route. This extension project is a testament to the authorities’ dedication to providing modern and efficient transportation options to the residents of Lahore.

Matero Bus Project newly added stations and underpasses

The newly added road boasts nine strategically placed stations and two underpasses, with the capacity to serve approximately 25,000 people daily. Among the primary beneficiaries of this expansion are the inhabitants of Barkat Town, Machis Factory, Kala Khatai Road, Imamia Colony, Ferozewala, Rachna Town, and Rana Town.

Benefits for Iqbal Garden Residents with the Shahdara to Kala Shah Kaku Metro Bus Project

Improved Connectivity

With the addition of the Shahdara to the Kala Shah Kaku Metro Bus route, the connectivity for Iqbal Garden residents has received a tremendous boost. The Metro Bus now links these neighbourhoods with the central parts of Lahore, facilitating seamless and time-efficient travel for daily commuters. This enhanced connectivity opens up a world of opportunities for residents, making accessing educational institutions, workplaces, and other essential services across the city easier.

Time-Saving Commutes

One of the most significant advantages for Iqbal Garden residents is the considerable reduction in commuting time. The Metro Bus system provides a swift and direct route to their destinations, bypassing traffic congestion and detours. This time-saving benefit allows residents to reclaim valuable hours from their daily commutes, enabling them to invest more time in personal pursuits, family activities, or simply relaxing and unwinding after a busy day.

Environmental Sustainability

Introducing the Metro Bus extension project aligns with the government’s commitment to environmental sustainability. The Metro Bus is crucial in reducing carbon emissions and promoting a cleaner and greener environment by encouraging more people to opt for public transportation. By choosing to use the Metro Bus, Iqbal Garden residents actively contribute to preserving Lahore’s air quality and the overall well-being of the planet.

Cost-Effective Travel

The Metro Bus system offers a cost-effective mode of transportation for Iqbal Garden residents. Public transport is generally more affordable than private vehicles, as it significantly reduces fuel, maintenance, and parking expenses. By opting for the Metro Bus, residents can make the most of their hard-earned money, allocating their savings to other essential needs or leisure activities.

Safety and Reliability

Safety is of utmost importance regarding public transportation, and the Metro Bus system ensures a secure and reliable travel experience for Iqbal Garden residents. With well-trained drivers and stringent safety measures, commuters can rest assured that their journeys are in safe hands. The system’s reliability further adds to the appeal, allowing residents to plan their daily routines confidently and predictably.

Community Growth and Economic Impact

The Metro Bus extension project also brings economic advantages to Iqbal Garden and the surrounding neighbourhoods. Improved transportation infrastructure attracts businesses and investments, leading to the creation of job opportunities for residents. Additionally, the easy accessibility to commercial centres and markets encourages local spending, stimulating the growth of small businesses and contributing to the community’s overall prosperity.

In conclusion, the Shahdara to Kala Shah Kaku Metro Bus extension is a game-changer for Iqbal Garden residents. It provides many advantages, from enhanced connectivity and time-saving commutes to environmental sustainability and economic growth. The government’s dedication to improving public transport has brought about positive change, elevating the living standards and overall quality of life for the people of Lahore. So, let’s embrace the Metro Bus and embark on a journey towards a more connected, sustainable, and prosperous future!


Q: How will the Metro Bus Extension Project impact Lahore’s traffic? 

A: The project is expected to significantly reduce traffic congestion by promoting public transportation and offering dedicated bus lanes for smoother travel.

Q: Will the Metro buses be wheelchair accessible? 

A: Yes, the Metro buses are designed to be wheelchair-accessible, ensuring inclusivity and convenience for all passengers.

Q: How will the project benefit the environment? 

A: The Metro Bus Extension Project encourages public transit, reducing the number of private vehicles on the road and, consequently, lowering emissions, making it environmentally friendly.

Q: What safety measures are in place for passengers? 

A: The project prioritizes passenger safety with modern buses equipped with safety features, well-lit stations, and CCTV surveillance for enhanced security.

Q: How will the project support economic growth? 

A: Improved transportation infrastructure attracts investment and development along its route, boosting property values and generating job opportunities, contributing to economic growth.

Q: Will the project operate on a fixed schedule?

A: The Metro buses will operate on a fixed schedule, ensuring punctuality and regularity for commuters’ convenience.


The Metro Bus Extension Project from Shahdara to Kala Shah Kaku is a transformative initiative that promises to redefine commuting in Lahore. For residents of Iqbal Garden, this project brings unparalleled advantages, from reduced commuting time to economic growth and improved quality of life. As Lahore embraces a greener and more efficient transit system, Iqbal Garden residents can look forward to a brighter future of seamless connectivity and enhanced community development. So hop aboard the metro and join the journey toward a better Lahore!