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Area Unit Conversion in Pakistan

MarlaKanalSquare Feet (Sq. ft.)Square Meter (Sq. m.)Square Yard (Sq. yd. / Gazz)
1 Marla0.05 Kanal225 Sq. ft.25 Sq. yd.21 Sq. m.
2 Marla0.1 Kanal450 Sq. ft.50 Sq. yd.42 Sq. m.
3 Marla0.15 Kanal675 Sq. ft.75 Sq. yd.63 Sq. m.
4 Marla0.2 Kanal900 Sq. ft.100 Sq. yd.84 Sq. m.
5 Marla0.25 Kanal1125 Sq. ft.125 Sq. yd.105 Sq. m.
6 Marla0.3 Kanal1350 Sq. ft.150 Sq. yd.126 Sq. m.
7 Marla0.35 Kanal1575 Sq. ft.175 Sq. yd.147 Sq. m.
8 Marla0.4 Kanal1800 Sq. ft.200 Sq. yd.168 Sq. m.
9 Marla0.45 Kanal2025 Sq. ft.225 Sq. yd.189 Sq. m.
10 Marla0.5 Kanal2250 Sq. ft.250 Sq. yd.210 Sq. m.
11 Marla0.55 Kanal2475 Sq. ft.275 Sq. yd.231 Sq. m.
12 Marla0.6 Kanal2700 Sq. ft.300 Sq. yd.252 Sq. m.
13 Marla0.65 Kanal2925 Sq. ft.325 Sq. yd.273 Sq. m.
14 Marla0.7 Kanal3150 Sq. ft.350 Sq. yd.294 Sq. m.
15 Marla0.75 Kanal3375 Sq. ft.375 Sq. yd.315 Sq. m.
16 Marla0.8 Kanal3600 Sq. ft.400 Sq. yd.336 Sq. m.
17 Marla0.85 Kanal3825 Sq. ft.425 Sq. yd.357 Sq. m.
18 Marla0.9 Kanal4050 Sq. ft.450 Sq. yd.378 Sq. m.
19 Marla0.95 Kanal4275 Sq. ft.475 Sq. yd.399 Sq. m.
20 Marla1 Kanal4500 Sq. ft.500 Sq. yd.420 Sq. m.

About Area Converter

Do you need help with the right way to proceed when confronted with unfamiliar units in the area? The Area Unit Converter Now, you can transform any type of measurement to understand better.

What’s the definition of a measurement unit? 

A unit measures an amount determined or adopted by traditions (and the law). The history of humanity has seen many types of unit systems utilized in various cultures and regions. To eliminate this problem and help unify the worldwide system of measurement units, a global standard for measurement units was created, also called “the International System of Units (SI). The modern version of the system metric designed as a set of unit conversions and rules to be used worldwide was fully adopted.

Which are internationally accepted areas? 

The basic unit used to calculate land-area measurements, chosen by convention and considered independent of dimensionality, is the meters (m). In Pakistan, marla is the most commonly used unit for establishing the area’s landmass.

Use this converter for area units to convert between marla, sq feet (sq ft), Square yards (sq yds), acres, square feet, and Hectares.

Benefits of utilizing the Area Unit Converter

Most people involved in the residential real estate business of Pakistan are at least familiar with the most basic measurements of land size. But, despite that, many residents need to be made aware of many of the units. For instance, provincially, Punjab is the most common use of these as units of area calculation, such as marla, Kanal, and acre. Those living in Sindh generally utilize sq feet (sq ft) and square yards (sq yds). Furthermore, this land-area conversion tool is perfect for those seeking to know the differences in the property realms of every province and to be actively involved with both. It is optional to download any other area converter software or program. The Area Unit Converter is the most efficient measurement tool you can profit from. With this converter, you can easily convert any measurement used on land.

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