The CDA proposes regulations for housing societies in Islamabad, as reported on May 29, include the following:

  1. Plots will be allowed to allottees once the housing scheme is fully developed and a completion certificate is acquired from the Capital Development Authority (CDA). This is to prevent the practice of overselling plots.
  2. Transfer letters of plots should be reviewed and approved by the CDA. This ensures that the civic agency is involved in the transfer process and can verify the authenticity of the transfer.
  3. Prior permission from the CDA is required before handing over plots to transferees, sponsors, or allottees. An undertaking to complete the development work after issuing the No Objection Certificate (NOC) must be submitted.
  4. In case of default by sponsors, the interest of the general public and allottees will be protected. Individual allottees/transferees can construct their houses/buildings by the authority’s bylaws.
  5. Sponsors of housing schemes/projects are prohibited from advertising, accepting deposits or advances, and making bookings until the CDA approves the layout plan. Depending on the type of project, they must also execute transferred and mortgaged deeds or building plans.
  6. Sponsors must provide details of all bank accounts and annual audit reports of the housing scheme to the CDA. This ensures transparency and accountability.
  7. Allotment letters from sponsors must be shared with the CDA within three days of issuance. This allows the CDA to keep track of allotments and ensure compliance with regulations.
  • The allotment letters to be issued by the sponsors must be shared with the CDA within three days of issuance.
  1. Only plots that are part of the approved layout plan of the housing scheme will be allowed for allotment or transfer. This ensures that the scheme follows the approved plan and prevents unauthorized allotments.


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The CDA Board has also fixed the commercialization fee at PKR 3,500 per square yard for housing societies. This fee is applicable for commercial properties within the approved housing schemes.