The cement price in Pakistan has dramatically increased over the last several years. But, the demand for it remains in the high range because it is a key substance used in all kinds of construction, such as building a new home or undertaking a renovation project. The grey powdery substance is a binding agent to mortar and concrete, making it an essential part of urban infrastructure.

In addition, cement consists of limestone, sand, iron ore, and bauxite. Still, it could also comprise chalk, clay, and slate, among other elements. It is important to know the two main kinds of cement available on the market: Portland or hydraulic cement and non-hydraulic cement, each divided into various kinds.

The cement price in Pakistan fluctuates quite often. We have put together the most current prices for 50 kg bags of this construction material to ensure that you are up-to-date.

Cement Price in Pakistan Today 2023

Serial NoCompaniesPrice/50kg Bag
1DG Khan CementRS. 1,125-1,135
2Fauji CementRS. 1,110-1,115
3Lucky CementRS. 1,110-1,150
4Kohat CementRS. 1,110-1,115
5Cherat CementRS. 1,105-1,110
6Maple Leaf CementRS. 1,130-1,140
7Bestway CementRS. 1,115-1,120
8Pakcem CementRS. 1,115-1,120
9Power CementRS. 1,110-1,115
10Askari cementRS. 1,110-1,115
11Pioneer CementRS. 1,110-1,115
12Flaying PakistanRS. 1,090-1,095
13Paidar CementRS. 1,100-1,105

White Cement Price in Pakistan 2023

Serial NoCompaniesPrice/40kg Bag
1Maple Leaf White CementRs. 1,800-1,850
2Kohat WhiteRS. 1,550-1,600

Disclaimer: The following are the current prices for cement in Pakistan in March 2023. However, the rates above could differ from the official rates or invoice prices.

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Cement Companies in Pakistan

With 24 cement plants in operation across Pakistan, the cement industry is a major contributor to the country’s economy. Furthermore, because of the rapid development of real estate and infrastructure projects in different regions, it’s one of the most rapidly growing industries in the country.

Here are the top-rated cement firms that are based in Pakistan that you must be aware of:

  • Askari Cement Ltd.
  • Attock Cement (Pakistan) Ltd
  • Bestway Cement Ltd
  • Cherat Cement Company Ltd
  • DG Khan Cement Company Ltd
  • Dandot Cement Company Ltd
  • Dewan Cement Ltd
  • Fauji Cement Company Ltd
  • Fecto Cement Ltd
  • Flying Cement Company Ltd
  • Gharibwal Cement Ltd
  • Javedan Corporation Ltd
  • Kohat Cement Ltd
  • Lucky Cement Ltd
  • Maple Leaf Cement Factory Ltd
  • PAKCEM Ltd
  • Pioneer Cement Ltd
  • Power Cement Ltd
  • Safe Mix Concrete Ltd
  • Thatta Cement Company Ltd
  • Zeal Pak Cement Factory Ltd

Different types of cement are used in Pakistan.

There are many types of cement on the market, but selecting the right one isn’t a task for a normal person. This can only be suggested by a skilled construction professional who understands the reason and what kind of structure he plans to construct. Here are some of the most well-known kinds of cement that are listed.

  • Low temperatures for cement
  • Quick setting cement
  • Rapid hardening cement
  • PPC cement (Portland Pozzolona Cements)
  • Sulfate resistant cement
  • OPC Cement (Ordinary Portland Cement)
  • Blast furnace slag cement
  • High alumina cement
  • Hydrographic cement
  • Expandable cement
  • Cement with a white, firm texture
  • Colored cement

What kind of concrete should I get?

Selecting a good quality cement before you begin any major construction project. Before you purchase any cement, ensure a reliable and reputable company with a positive public reputation manufactures it.

Don’t sacrifice the quality of your cement. High-end cement always gives excellent results when it comes to building construction. A sturdy home structure is essential to have. To get there, you need to spend your money on buying top-quality cement bags.

Important Thing

The choice of the top high-quality cement for Pakistan is as essential as oxygen to humans since Pakistan has four seasons within one whole season. Also, be aware that cement prices are not identical in all cities. There will be slight price variations across all cities, like Lahore, Karachi, Multan, Faisalabad, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Sialkot, and Bahawalpur.

What is the difference between white and black cement?

The primary distinction between black and white cement is that black cement is a normal cement that’s low-cost and is utilized to fill large spaces in construction. White is the finishing cement used to fill smaller spaces in flooring and walls.

White cement is more powerful than black due to its aluminate and calcium the cement. The White cement will become hard stone once set for a few hours, requiring additional finishing tools to finish and make the surface smooth.

We are now after our blog about Pakistan’s most recent cement prices. Keep checking back regularly to find out about the latest rates.

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