If you want to purchase a plot or house in Lahore, many properties and housing societies have Plots for sale in installments. You can find properties in various locations, including the Iqbal Garden and other areas in the city.

Iqbal Garden aims to provide the highest quality services for customers at affordable costs. Based on Iqbal Garden’s current Payment Program. Plots on installments in Lahore, perfect development, and excellent customer service. It’s the best option to invest in.

How to Buy Plots in Housing Societies in Lahore, Pakistan?

There are several ways to buy plots in Housing Societies in Lahore, Pakistan. 

Buying plots in Housing Societies in Lahore, Pakistan, can be a rewarding experience, as you can get an affordable plot close to something important like schools or shopping centers. Various societies also offer plots for sale, so it’s essential to compare and choose the one that makes the most sense for your needs.

Plots for Sale in Lahore at Iqbal Garden

Housing societies are mushrooming in Lahore, and land prices in the city are rising. This has spurred interest from people looking to buy plots of land. The housing societies of Lahore are always looking for new members, so the prices of their properties go up every year. The Iqbal Garden is one of the few places where you can buy a very reasonably priced property.

Here is a list of properties that are currently for sale in Iqbal Garden:

Plots Available for Sale in Lahore in Installments

If you’re looking to buy plots in installments in Lahore, then Iqbal Garden can help you. Purchasing a property for a person in Lahore to pay at a one-time total price is challenging today. But making a home is the goal of every person and a particular need.

Plots for sale in Lahore on easy installments

Buying a plot or a house through an installment plan makes it easier to start and reduces your overall financial burden. You can also pay for your purchase over time, which allows you to spread the cost out over a more extended period. When purchasing a plot or a house through an installment plan, contact the Iqbal Garden Society to learn more about their options and how they can help you get started.

Development Work in Iqbal Garden

Iqbal Garden Updated Payment Plan

Many people need help to afford total payments to have their own homes. Iqbal Garden offers the best payment plan with monthly installments. Therefore, even middle-income earners can own their own homes with installment options that are easy to pay.

Currently, residential plots at the Iqbal Gardens are available in four sizes: 3 Marla, 5 Marla, and 10 Marla, as well as 1 Kanal.

The Iqbal Garden edited Payment Plan was created to be affordable. When compared to other housing societies of similar size, Iqbal Garden is more affordable than its plans. It also has an easy installment program to cater to buyers’ requirements. Suppose you decide to invest now in this company. In that case, you’ll receive a substantial return on the investment when the project grows further.

Residential Plots Payment Plan

Iqbal Garden provides three different types of payment plans.


Two Years Payment Plans (24 months)

3 Marla Plots

The total cost of three Marla plots is 1,500,000.

The down amount is 520,000.

Installment per Month is 15,000.

Installment quarterly(8) 50,000.

Payment for allocation of 110,000.

Possession Payment of 110,000

5 Marla Plots

The price for Five Marla plots is 2,500,000.

The Down Payment is 800,000.

Installment per Month is 20,000.

Installment quarterly(8) 100,000.

The Payment for 210,000 allocations.

Possession payments of 210,000

Plots on Monthly Installments

Iqbal Garden, a Residential Housing Society, has developed A, B, and C Blocks that have delivered quality housing to those looking for an affordable, comfortable, and luxurious place to live. The Society has undertaken various projects and initiatives to ensure its residents are contented. Iqbal Garden is a society that strives hard to develop its infrastructure to improve its occupants’ lives.

The Society has developed green areas in each block to benefit its residents. It also offers recreational facilities such as a gymnasium and a play area for the children.


Four Years Payment Methods (48 months)

Iqbal Garden 3 Marla Plots

Dimensions of the 3 Marla plot in the Iqbal Garden are 19×35

The total amount to be paid for the 3 Marla plots is Rs 1,095,000.

The amount to be booked is Rs 200,000.

If you want to pay monthly (48 months) installments, they are available at 7,500 rupees.

Six monthly installments are offered in the amount of Rs.45,000

The Payment for balloting will be Rs 75,000

The Possession Payment also includes 100,000

Iqbal Garden 5 Marla Plots

Dimensions of the 5 Marla plot in the Iqbal Garden are 25×45

The total amount payable for the 5 Marla plots is Rs 1,750,000.

The amount of the booking of Rs. 300,000.

If you want to pay monthly (48 months) installments, they are available at 11,000 rupees.

Six monthly installments are offered at 75,000 rupees.

The amount for the balloting payment will be Rs 150,000

The Possession payment is also 175,000.

Iqbal Garden 10 Marla Plots

Dimensions of the 10 Marla plot in the Iqbal Garden are 35×65

The total amount to be paid for a 10 Marla plot is Rs 3,350,000.

The Payment for the booking will be Rs 600,000

Four-year monthly (48 months) installments are priced at 18,500 Rs.

Six balloon payments are offered at Rs. 150,000

Balloting payments in Iqbal Garden 10, Marla, will be Rs 275,000

In addition, the possession amount is Rs 400,000.

Plots On Installments In Lahore 2023


The Iqbal Garden housing society has introduced a new block that will please those looking for an affordable, comfortable, and luxurious place to make a home. The Overseas Block offers quality living at an affordable price, with all the amenities one could hope for.

5 Years Payment Plan (60 months)

3 Marla Plots

3 Marla plots’ total price is 1,260,000.

The down amount is 200,000.

The amount for the balloting will be Rs 225,000

Six-month installments are available at Rs. 35,000

Every Month, installments of 8000.

5 Marla Plots

5 Marla plot is available for 1,750,000 rupees

The Down Payment is 300,000 rupees.

The amount for the balloting amounts to RS 300,000

The six monthly payments are offered at Rs. 49,000

Monthly installment payments plan of 11,000.

10 Marla Plots

10 Marla plots are available for sale for 3,500,000

The Down Payment is 600,000.

The amount for the balloting payment will be Rs 600,000

Six monthly charges of Rs. 80,000

Monthly installment payments of 25,000.

Iqbal Garden 1 Kanal Plots

Measurement of a single Kanal plot is approximately 50×90

The total amount payable for a Kanal plot is Rs 6,000,000.

The amount to be paid for the booking amounts to RS 1,000,000

Balloting payment can be described as RS 1,000,000

Six monthly installments are available in the amount of Rs.160,000

Five-year (60 per Month) installments starting at Rs. 40,000

Iqbal Garden Booking Procedure

Plots for sale in installments in Lahore at Iqbal Garden. A perfect booking process is easy. Investors must avoid long and tiring booking procedures. The Iqbal Garden administration has kept this in mind when drafting the process for booking for this project.


The first step is contacting a reputable licensed real estate agency. You may visit the firm’s offices or speak to their sales agent by phone. Learn all pertinent details from the company regarding the project and choose what you like best for your project. You can go to the Iqbal Garden office and speak to our sales agent by entering your phone number via our website. Then our sales team will contact you and respond to your inquiries.


You will be handed an outline file when you visit the Iqbal Garden Housing Scheme office. The plot files are tagged with an identifier number and must be filled in along with other requested details. The file also contains rules and regulations for the project. It highly recommends studying these attentively.


After you complete the form, The following documents should be attached to the paper:

  1. A CNIC copy of the candidate
  2. Two photos of the person applying for the passport size

After filling in the form, the next step is to make the deposit. The down payment details are in the “Iqbal Garden Payment Plan” section. The cost can be paid through our sales department or banking services.


The file will be forwarded to Iqbal Garden’s Booking Office. The management at Iqbal Garden will issue a receipt of Payment as proof of receipt of the price.


The project manager will create your plot file. Then you will get the plot file from Iqbal Garden’s Office.

Plots for sale On Installments FAQs


Iqbal Garden is a unique real estate development that offers everything modern life requires at an affordable price. We recommend that you invest in this project as quickly as you can. Contact Iqbal Garden anytime for assistance with the investment for this project.

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