The Sand Price In Pakistan can vary depending on various factors such as location, quality, demand, and supply. The price is typically quoted per cubic foot or per cubic meter. It is advisable to check with local suppliers or construction material markets to get the most accurate and up-to-date price information.

Sand BrandsPrice per cubic footUpdated On
Sand GhaziPKR 110 2023
Sand LawrencepurPKR 105 2023
Sand ChenabPKR 602023
Sand RaviPKR 42 2023
Sand Ghassu (Slit Sand)PKR 28 2023

Top Brands of Sand

Certainly! Here are some additional top brands of sand used in construction projects in Pakistan:

  1. Sand Chenab: Sand Chenab is a well-known brand that provides high-quality sand for construction purposes. It is widely used in various construction projects across Pakistan.
  2. Sand Ghassu (Slit Sand): Sand Ghassu, also known as Slit Sand, is a popular brand that offers sand with fine particles. It is commonly used for plastering and finishing works in construction.
  3. Sand Ghazi: Sand Ghazi is a trusted brand that supplies quality sand for construction projects. It is known for its consistency and reliability in meeting the construction industry’s requirements.
  4. Sand Lawrencepur: Sand Lawrencepur is a reputed brand that offers sand extracted from Lawrencepur, a region known for its quality sand deposits. It is used in a wide range of construction applications.
  5. Sand Ravi: Sand Ravi is a recognized brand that provides sand sourced from the Ravi River. It is known for its good quality and is widely used in construction projects across Pakistan.

These brands are just a few examples of the top brands of sand in Pakistan. It is recommended to research and consult local suppliers or construction professionals to get more specific information about the availability and suitability of different brands in your area.

Common Types of Sand

Indeed, sand in Pakistan can be classified into various types based on different characteristics and applications. Here are some common types of sand used in construction projects in Pakistan:

  1. Fine Sand: Fine sand, also known as soft sand or masonry sand, consists of fine granules and is often used for plastering, bricklaying, and finishing works. It has a smooth texture and is suitable for applications that require a finer grain size.
  2. River Sand: River sand is naturally occurring sand extracted from riverbeds. It is widely used in construction due to its superior quality, smooth texture, and good binding ability. River sand is commonly used in concrete production, masonry work, and general construction projects.
  3. Manufactured Sand (M-Sand): Manufactured sand, also known as M-Sand, is produced by crushing hard rocks or granite and then screening them to the required size. M-Sand is a cost-effective alternative to river sand and is commonly used in concrete production, plastering, and other construction applications.
  4. Pit Sand: Pit sand is obtained by digging pits or holes in the ground, typically from riverbeds or quarries. It has a coarser texture compared to river sand and is often used for filling and leveling purposes in construction projects.
  5. Coarse Sand: Coarse sand, also known as sharp sand, has larger grain sizes compared to fine sand. It is commonly used in concrete mixtures, mortar, and as a base material for paving and landscaping projects.
  6. Concrete Sand: Concrete sand, as the name suggests, is specifically designed for use in concrete mixtures. It has a well-graded particle size distribution and is free from impurities. Concrete sand ensures proper bonding and strength in concrete structures.
  7. Fill Sand: Fill sand is used for filling excavated areas, creating embankments, and other similar applications where a compacted fill material is needed. It typically has a coarser texture and is not suitable for applications that require fine details.
  8. Utility Sand: Utility sand is a general-purpose sand used for various construction purposes. It is often used for backfilling, pipe bedding, and utility trench construction.

These are some of the common types of sand used in construction projects in Pakistan. The selection of sand type depends on the specific requirements of the project and the recommendations of engineers or construction professionals.

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