Saria rates today in Pakistan. You are in the appropriate location if you are seeking Steel & Saria pricing. In this article, we’ve provided the Steel & Saria rate as well as several variables that affect it daily. In many different industries, including manufacturing, construction, and others, Steel & Saria is a crucial components.

The need for Steel and saria in construction and infrastructure development projects has caused the Steel and saria industry in Pakistan to expand quickly. However, there are regular swings in the price of Steel and saria in Pakistan, thus it’s important to comprehend what causes these price adjustments. This article will examine the numerous aspects that affect the industry and the price of Steel and saria in Pakistan.

After the dollar’s value increased, there was a great deal of uncertainty. Today, Saria’s price has greatly increased.

In Pakistan, these rod sizes are also known as sutar. It also comes in several variants depending on size and diameter. The sizes 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 22mm, and 25mm are the most often used ones in construction.

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In today’s Saria rates, Saria iron bars measuring 3 to 4 sutar (10–12 mm) are crucial for building construction in Pakistan. In Pakistan, steel iron bars are frequently referred to as saria. The price per kilogram that Saria charges varies every day.

Typically, it is priced per kilogram or metric tonne to give customers greater flexibility. One of the most crucial elements for Pakistan’s building business is the saria rate per kilogram today.

Saria Size in Sutar or mmGrade 40 RateGrade 60 RatePrice Updated on
Saria Rates per KG
3 sutar –  10mmRs. 298Rs. 3002023
4 sutar –  12mmRs. 297Rs. 2992023
5 sutar –  16mmRs. 297Rs. 2992023
6 sutar –  20mmRs. 297Rs. 2992023
7 sutar –  22mmRs. 299Rs. 3012023
8 sutar –  25mmRs. 299Rs. 3012023
Saria Rate per Matric Ton
3 sutar –  10mmRs. 298,000Rs. 300,0002023
4 sutar –  12mmRs. 297,000Rs. 299,0002023
5 sutar –  16mmRs. 297,000Rs. 299,0002023
6 sutar –  20mmRs. 297,000Rs. 299,0002023
7 sutar –  22mmRs. 299,000Rs. 301,0002023
8 sutar –  25mmRs. 299,000Rs. 301,0002023

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Steel Rates In Pakistan 2023 | Steel Price in Pakistan Today

Steel Iron Rod
Size in Sutar/mm
40 Grade Rate in KG40 Grade Rate in Metric Ton60 Grade Rate in KG40 Grade Rate in Metric Ton
3 sutar / 10mmRs. 273 Per KGRs. 273,000 Per Metric TonRs. 275 Per KGRs. 275,000 Per Metric Ton
4 sutar / 12mmRs. 271 Per KGRs. 271,000 Per Metric TonRs. 273 Per KGRs. 273,000 Per Metric Ton
5 sutar / 16mmRs. 272 Per KGRs. 272,000 Per Metric TonRs. 274 Per KGRs. 274,000 Per Metric Ton
6 sutar / 20mmRs. 272 Per KGRs. 272,000 Per Metric TonRs. 274 Per KGRs. 274,000 Per Metric Ton
7 sutar / 22mmRs. 271 Per KGRs. 272,000 Per Metric TonRs. 274 Per KGRs. 274,000 Per Metric Ton
3 sutar / 25mmRs. 271 Per KGRs. 271,000 Per Metric TonRs. 274 Per KGRs. 274,000 Per Metric Ton

Introduction Steel Industry in Pakistan

One of the most significant economic sectors in Pakistan is the steel industry. Numerous people have work prospects thanks to its large GDP contribution. The industry has experienced remarkable growth in recent years, mostly as a result of the rising demand for steel in infrastructure and construction projects. However, due to a variety of internal and external reasons, the price of steel in Pakistan is frequently susceptible to change. We will go through the numerous aspects of steel prices in Pakistan and how they affect the sector in this article.

A Historical Overview of Pakistan’s Steel Industry

Let’s first study the historical background of the steel sector in Pakistan before we go into the elements influencing steel rates there. The first steel plant in Pakistan was called Pakistan Steel Mills, and it was founded in 1973. Several steel mills in the private sector came after it, which helped the industry expand. The business has, however, had to contend with a number of issues over the years, such as a lack of investment, outmoded equipment, and the energy crisis. In spite of these difficulties, the steel sector has expanded and developed into a significant economic force in the nation.

Steel  Manufacturing Companies | Mills In Pakistan

Various Steel iron rod manufacturing mills are working in different cities of  Pakistan.

  • Pakistan Steel Mills
  • Aisha Steel 
  • Amreli Steels
  • F.F. Steels
  • Mugal Steel Company Limited
  • Safa Steel
  • Agha Steel
  • Ittefaq Steel
  • Ittehad Steel
  • A.F. Steel
  • Chenab Steel
  • Maqsood Steel
  • Amaan Steels

Factors Affecting Pakistan’s Steel Prices

There are many internal and external factors that influence the saria rate in Pakistan nowadays. Following is a discussion of some of the key elements affecting Pakistan’s steel rate: Also reed Lahore Construction Shahdara Multi-Level Flyover

1. Steel Prices Worldwide

Pakistan’s steel rate is significantly impacted by global steel pricing. Steel is heavily imported into Pakistan, and the cost of that steel is heavily impacted by steel prices throughout the world. Any change in the price of steel on the world market has an immediate impact on Pakistan.

2. Prices of raw materials

The cost of raw materials like iron ore and coal has a major impact on the cost of steel in Pakistan. If the cost of producing steel rises due to rising costs for these basic materials, steel prices will also rise. On the other hand, Pakistan’s steel rate is likely to decline if the cost of these raw materials drops.

3. Changes in Currency

The price of steel in Pakistan is significantly influenced by changes in the value of the local currency. Because steel is primarily imported from other countries and import costs rise as a result of the local currency’s devaluation versus the US dollar, steel prices in Pakistan rise as a result.

4. Fuel Crisis

The steel sector in Pakistan has been significantly impacted by the country’s energy problems. Steel prices have increased as a result of increasing production costs brought on by frequent power outages and high electricity bills.

5. Tariffs and Taxes

The government’s levied duties and taxes have an impact on Pakistani steel prices as well. Steel prices in the nation rise as a result of any increase in taxes or tariffs on imported steel.

6. Supply and Demand

Finally, the rate of steel in Pakistan is affected by both supply and demand. The price of steel is likely to rise if there is a high demand for it and a limited supply. Conversely, the price of steel is likely to decrease if demand is weak and supply is abundant.

Disclaimer: Since all costs are determined by market forces, they may vary from invoice costs or business rates. We only give users rate information; we do not sell saria. So make your own purchases from the market. If you represent a certain company or wish to use These are Pakistan’s top steel brands’ prices.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ 1: What are the current steel rates in Pakistan?

The current steel rates in Pakistan range from [insert range] per metric ton. However, please note that these rates are subject to change based on market conditions and other factors.

FAQ 2: How often do steel rates in Pakistan change?

Steel rates in Pakistan can change on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, depending on various factors such as market dynamics, global trends, and government policies. It’s essential to stay updated with the latest steel rates to make informed decisions.

FAQ 3: Are steel rates in Pakistan higher compared to other countries?

The steel rates in Pakistan may vary compared to other countries due to factors such as raw material costs, local market dynamics, and government policies. It’s crucial to compare steel rates in Pakistan with those of relevant regional and international markets for a comprehensive understanding.

FAQ 4: What is the impact of steel rates on the construction industry?

Steel rates directly impact the construction industry by influencing project costs, profitability, and investment decisions. Fluctuations in steel rates can affect the affordability and feasibility of construction projects, ultimately impacting the growth and development of the industry.

FAQ 5: How can I stay updated with the latest steel rates in Pakistan?

To stay updated with the latest steel rates in Pakistan, you can refer to reliable sources such as industry publications, steel manufacturers’ websites, and financial news platforms. Additionally, connecting with industry experts and joining relevant forums can provide valuable insights into the steel market.

FAQ 6: What measures are taken by the government to regulate steel rates in Pakistan?

The government of Pakistan takes various measures to regulate steel rates and ensure price stability. These measures include monitoring market dynamics, implementing trade policies, conducting regular inspections, and engaging with industry stakeholders to address concerns and maintain a fair and transparent steel market.


In conclusion, steel rates in Pakistan have a significant impact on the construction industry and the overall economy. Understanding the factors affecting steel rates, staying updated with the latest market trends, and analyzing the implications on the industry are crucial for stakeholders in the steel sector. By closely monitoring steel rates and making informed decisions, Pakistan can foster sustainable growth in its construction industry and drive economic development.

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