The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan SECP registered 1760 new companies in April 2023, which brought their total registered number to 191,924. The total capital (capitalization) for companies incorporated in April was 2.9 billion.
Around 57 percent of businesses are registered as limited-private firms, 41 percent are single-member companies, and 2 percent are registered as limited liability partnerships, non-profit organizations, or non-listed public companies (LLP). A little over 99.8 percent of companies were registered online. These new Registrations included 70 international applicants.
Foreign investment was reported in 67 new businesses, with international investors coming from Afghanistan, Canada, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Egypt, Germany, Hong Kong, Iran, Japan, Jordan, South Korea, the Netherlands, Singapore, Slovakia Republic, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Syria, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, UK, and US. The most significant portion of the investments came in China and 36 businesses. Germany and South Korea with 04 each, Hong Kong, Turkey, South Africa, the UK, and the US with two each, and 13 companies from countries other than the US.

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The technology industry was the most prominent by incorporating 267 companies. This was then real estate development and construction with 228 companies, trading with 222, food and beverages and e-commerce with 68, education with 62, and tourism with 53. textiles which have 52 marketing and advertisement, and corporate agriculture farming, each with 42, and engineering with 36. medical with 33, a chemical with 31, pharmaceutical and power generation with 30, mining and quarrying with 27, cosmetics and bathroom products with 24, auto and connected with 22, broadcasting and telecasting with 20, communications and fuel and energy which each has 19 transportation with 17 lodging, cables and electrical items with 15, paper and board with 11 companies, and 87 were registered in various other industries.
Due to the integration of SECP‘s E-services with FBR and other provincial departments, 1 700 companies have been registered at FBR to generate NTN as well as 73 companies that have EOBI, 40 companies were registered with PESSI/SESSI and 55 companies who are registered with the excise and taxation department.
The SECP also offers a dedicated WhatsApp service that instantly resolves any queries regarding names and incorporation procedures. In March, approximately 1,020 inquiries were answered at a 94 percent customer satisfaction rate.