1 Sq Yards to Sq Feet. An easy and convenient way to convert and compare various units of measurements of area sizes

How to Convert Square Yards to Square Feet

To convert a measure measured in square yards into a measurement in square feet, divide the square yard by the conversion ratio of 9 square feet/square yard.

As one sq yard equals nine square feet. You can utilize this method to convert

square feet equals square yards x 9

The square foot area is the equivalent of the square yard area of square yards multiplied by 9.

How Many Square Feet Are in a Square Yard?

The square yard is comprised of nine square feet per square yard. This is the reason we are using this number in the formula above.

1 sq yd = 9 sq ft

It is important to note that square meters and square feet are the same measurement units used to quantify the area. Continue reading to find out more about each measure.

What is a Square Yard?

One square yard is equal to a square with sides, each measuring one-yard long. 1 square yard is equivalent to nine sq feet or 0.836127 square meters.

A square yard can be described as a US standard and imperial size measurement. A square yard is often also known as the square yd. The term “square yard” can be shortened by sq. yd. or sq yd and is sometimes abbreviated with “yd2”. For instance, 1 square yard can be described as one sq. yd or one yd2.

You can utilize a square yard calculator to calculate the surface of a space when you know the dimensions.

What is a Square Foot?

One square foot corresponds to a square’s surface with sides, each measuring one foot in length.[1 One square foot corresponds to approximately 144 sq inches or 0.092903 cubic meters.

A square foot can be described as a US standard and imperial space unit. A square foot is often also called a square foot. Square feet are reduced to sq. ft. or sq ft. They are also often abbreviated as the number ft2. For instance, 1 square foot may be described as one sq. foot or one ft2.

You can use the square footage calculator to determine the size of a space when you know the dimensions.

1 Sq Yards to Sq Feet Converter Table

Square YardsSquare Feet
1 sq yd9 sq ft
2 sq yd18 sq ft
3 sq yd27 sq ft
4 sq yd36 sq ft
5 sq yd45 sq ft
6 sq yd54 sq ft
7 sq yd63 sq ft
8 sq yd72 sq ft
9 sq yd81 sq ft
10 sq yd90 sq ft
11 sq yd99 sq ft
12 sq yd108 sq ft
13 sq yd117 sq ft
14 sq yd126 sq ft
15 sq yd135 sq ft
16 sq yd144 sq ft
17 sq yd153 sq ft
18 sq yd162 sq ft
19 sq yd171 sq ft
20 sq yd180 sq ft
21 sq yd189 sq ft
22 sq yd198 sq ft
23 sq yd207 sq ft
24 sq yd216 sq ft
25 sq yd225 sq ft
26 sq yd234 sq ft
27 sq yd243 sq ft
28 sq yd252 sq ft
29 sq yd261 sq ft
30 sq yd270 sq ft
31 sq yd279 sq ft
32 sq yd288 sq ft
33 sq yd297 sq ft
34 sq yd306 sq ft
35 sq yd315 sq ft
36 sq yd324 sq ft
37 sq yd333 sq ft
38 sq yd342 sq ft
39 sq yd351 sq ft
40 sq yd360 sq ft

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